Janis Görlich's


...is a european Jazz-group who plays compositions by Janis Görlich,
which are dedicated to early 20th century adventure stories, vintage
recording technology, old organs, brave camels and casio keyboards.



Record Release Show on June 23rd at KAOS
The BUMMELZUG Septet presents its new album
„Bummelzug Expedition In die Ferne“

otis sun
Otis Sandsjö’s supercool Groove Duo (with Mark Lohr on drums and electronics)
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LP, 38 min.released on Shoebill Music
with: Uli kempendorff | Otis Sandsjö | Julius Heise |
Daniel Bödvarsson | Henrik Olsson | Jonas Hauer |
Federico Lacerna & Janis Görlich;


Part I:

Part II:


Old Record

Heart Touching melodies, stirring solos, camels, steam locomotives, Mimi & Lawrence of Arabia, small…and large explosions: Here comes Janis Görlich’s debut!

LP released Sep 2013 on Shoebill Music


epic (Septett Live 2016) Mannchord (Septett Studio 2014) Mimi (Quintett Live 2013) Fratze (Quintett Live 2013)


“Dazzling song structures somewhere in between Pink Floyd and Ornette Colemans Prime Time, at the same time urban and lost in reverie. Bummelzug Explosion combines the ineffable lightness of Pop-Déjà-vus with the conceptual sustainability of modern Jazz compositions.”
-Wolf Kampmann, JAZZTHING

“Each composition on the album is a complex soundscape that would make Ennio Morricone proud, but fortunately Görlich also knows how to make memorable melodies and he has enlisted a great team of players.”
-Jakob Baekgaard, ALL ABOUT JAZZ

“Boundlessly naiv, but only seamingly harmless, Janis Görlich’s compositions stroll by easily and burn themselves into the listener’s tympanum with the explosive force of hunting melodies.”
-Major R.G.Douglas



… A steam locomotive is a fine thing. It can stomp and snort like an animal, spit smoke like a volcano and move people, dogs and camels.
It radiates strength and steadfastness, tranquility and peacefulness. Regardless, something is cooking and simmering beneath its thick skin of steel. Invisible to the eye but known to the specialist, the boiler pressure inside a locomotive rises minute by minute until it comes to a violent discharge of steam. In literature one then speaks of “boiler explosion”, in the vernacular, however, the term SLOW TRAIN EXPLOSION has established.






May 2016
BoouM ! There she is:
BUMMELZUG EXPEDITION “In die Ferne” is released May 27th 2016 as 12" Vinyl + Downloadcode on Shoebill Music.

November 2014
Good news for those of you, who bought the record but do not read german: There finally is an english translation of the original german liner notes of “In der Ferne” on Janis’ homepage HERE

September 2014
The mixing starts. Part Two of the concept LP “In der Ferne” will be released in spring 2015 on Shoebillmusic. Not only will it provide the listener with new songs but also deliver the sequel to the dramatic lovestory around Lieutenant Lawrence and beautiful Mimi…

June 2014
The band has recorded a new album. After being enlarged to a Septet for a gig at Salon Tippel in Neukölln, BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION recorded the second part of “In der Ferne” in that very line up.
The Quintet was joined by the islandic guitarist Daniel Bodvarson and vibraphone wonderchild Julius Heise.

Does that mean BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION is a Septet now? The answer is definetly: Maybe!
“In any case”, says Janis, “the septet sounds darn forcing good! They all completely devote themselves to my rather simplistic music even if they are very virtuosic musicians. Of course it takes the energy of the Quintet even one step further up. Paradoxically it augments the dynamic range in both directions but also there are possibilities in the doubling of both tenor and guitar that I always liked. Plus - for me as a drummer - playing with a good vibraphone player feels really good. It’s like you suddenly discover you have a strange twin that you never knew of.”

February 2014
BUMMELZUG EXPLOSION has a new member:
Uli Kempendorff, one of Berlin’s hottest tenor players, has joined the band after Federico Lacerna left the city for good.